Things to know about corian material

Things to know about corian material

Building materials company in Dubai offers an extended range of materials that are essential in construction and interior of a building among which corian material is on the top demand as it is very much gravitating nowadays especially in the countries like UAE. It gives an aesthetic and enchanting appearance to the interior of a house, hotel and offices as well. Secondly well known corian company in UAE offers a wide range of corian material having different colors and designs. Some people have a misconception that the only purpose of using corian material is to enhance the appealing look of a place but this is not true as it also possess a number of benefits which enhances the functionality too, some of which are as follows.

Environment friendly:

The corian material is a mixture of natural minerals and acrylic resins,  it is totally free from any kind of heavy metals which makes it environment friendly. On the other hand it is non toxic and free from large quantities of volatile organic compounds which again makes it safer for indoor usage. 


It possess extra strength and durability which makes it favourable among other materials. Due to such property it has less chances of breakage, cracking, or expensive repairing and hence possess the advantage of longevity. 

Stain and heat resistant:

Corian material is easy to clean as it is stain resistant and thus maintains it’s aesthetic appearance in the long run. This quality makes it ideal for the table tops and kitchen counter tops as any stain can be easily wiped out. On the other hand corian material is heat resistant also and can bear comparatively higher temperatures as well but still the owner must be very cautious and keep the hot things away.


This is another very basic quality required when corian material is being used in making counter tops in kitchens and medical stores. As both of the places demands proper hygienic maintenance. Corian tops are the best option as they reduce the chances of spreading of bacteria.

Seamless joints: Corian material is smooth and nonporous in nature. It also possess seamless joints which gives it a single look and enhance the appealing appearance. This quality will also maintain it’s cleanliness as no dirt and bacteria can trap between the joints.